The drivers in this town are so awful, one concerned citizen had to share their dashcam footage

DerbyCarDashCam !/YouTube

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

If you think the drivers in your area are bad, just wait until you see a telling video shared by one local news station in the United Kingdom.

The Derby Telegraph, of Derby, England, decided to share footage recorded by a YouTube channel called DerbyCarDashCam which shows some of the shocking behaviors with the rest of the world.

And boy will this video put you on the edge.

The calm drive lasts only for a few seconds before the driver brakes to make way for a pedestrian crossing in the middle of the street. It would appear that even the pedestrians contribute to the dangerous habits that plague Derby’s streets.

The video cuts to a group of cyclists, who also have some issues. One of them rides right into a car parked on the side of the road.

The driver encounters a number of other obstacles, including a driver throwing their door open into oncoming traffic. This happens a few times, actually.

Yet another troubled driver reversed while trying to drive straight — twice.

There were a number of drivers who decided it would be best to cut into lanes and oncoming traffic.

And, of course, the video wouldn’t be complete without a vehicle lacking much-needed brake lights.

It’s a wonder that anyone is brave enough to drive here.

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