The NYPD and New York City’s DNAinfo say the man in this video is shooting at a 12 year-old boy who’d bested him in an argument.

He pulled the handgun from his shorts on Tuesday afternoon, around 2:15 p.m. Then, the suspect fired two shots into a barbershop from in front of the Columbus Center Enterprise near West 105th and Columbus Avenue on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Neither the child nor others present were hit, according to the NYPD. Having failed to shoot anyone that afternoon, the suspect fled north on Columbus Avenue. Police say he is around 5’9″.

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The child reportedly lives in the Frederick Douglass Houses, a block of housing projects nearby. CBS New York reports that various gangs operate in the projects, and that the shooter lingered before firing to ask questions. He reportedly asked others where the would-be victim lived before shooting.

Police found the intended victim hiding in the bathroom when they arrived.

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