“The Price Is Right” just made history with its luckiest day ever

YouTube/The Price Is Right

Every once in a while, something zany and quirky enough happens on a game show that it’s going to make the news, but what happened on “The Price Is Right” Friday is some next-level stuff.

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The historic happenings on the day of Drew Carey’s 10th Anniversary hosting the show were either some of the best luck ever or some kind of happy conspiracy. Either way, the internet didn’t care, and all eyeballs were glued to screens.

Contestants hit $1 after spinning the “Wheel” an astonishing five times.

“The Price Is Right” uploaded a clip from that moment of the show and said it was “the most money ever given away on the Wheel.”

“‘The Price is Right’ made history on today’s broadcast with a record-setting showcase showdown, with the most money ever given away on the Wheel. In honor of Drew Carey’s 10th Anniversary hosting, contestants who spun $1 on the Wheel received a $10,000 bonus instead of the usual $1,000,” the show wrote on YouTube. “If they spun another $1, they received an additional $25,000. Today, after an amazing five $1 spins on the Wheel, a total of $80,000 was awarded.”

You read that right: $80,000.

Is there a doctor in the house? Because it appears the “Wheel” is bleeding cash.

Let’s just say the odds of this happening weren’t good, and people definitely recognized this for what it was.


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Oh, and what about that one guy who didn’t get the big bucks?

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