The worst fast food employee ever gets what he deserves after the rudest exchange with customers KDAF/screenshot

Content Warning: Some foul language

Whenever someone pulls the “My daddy owns the place, so I can do what I want” card, it’s always good to see that person taken down a peg.

A self-described daddy’s boy who landed a job as a Del Taco manager in Peoria, Ariz., was caught on camera by customers treating them like garbage.

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It’s not clear if he made that up or if he was in fact the son of the franchisee.

“You’re gonna get fired,” said a female passenger, who filmed the whole thing.

“I don’t give a f**k, bro,” the supposed manager said. “Where you gonna post it, YouTube? No one’s gonna f*****g see it.” The video was uploaded to Vimeo, by the way, and people did see it. It has since been taken down.

“Who are you gonna send it to?” he asked.

“To your boss, duh,” the female passenger replied.

“I am the boss. My dad’s actually the f*****g owner, so good luck with that,” he answered.

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This whole incident may have been sparked by the customers not getting sauce with their meals.

Del Taco said the following in a statement:

We strive to provide a positive guest experience at all of our restaurants and were appalled by this behavior as it is not representative of our high guest service standards. We took this incident very seriously and addressed it with the location’s franchisee, who took definitive action by terminating the employee immediately.

The employee has been fired. What was that about daddy owning the place, again?

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