The young punk who was caught on video throwing a dog in a road rage incident will answer for his behavior


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The Lyft driver who threw a dog on the pavement in a video has been identified as 22-year-old Marc Dione, and he is now facing animal cruelty charges. In the video, Dione is seen tussling with an older man, and when the other driver walks away, Dione grabs a dog from inside the car and throws it on the sidewalk. reported that the New Jersey SPCA has filed both criminal and civil charges.

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The organization began investigating the incident following the release of the video. Authorities say that Dione reaches into the back of the car and grabs a 12-year-old Miniature Pinscher, named Daphne, then tosses her onto the sidewalk. Authorities say that the dog is recovering well from the incident “despite some bruises.”

Dione was driving for Lyft at the time of the incident and in a statement, the organization wrote:

We are shocked and horrified by what we saw in this video. While this did not happen on the Lyft platform, we permanently deactivated the individual after learning of his truly cruel behavior; he will never again be able to use Lyft. We are relieved to hear that Daphne is recovering well.

Dione’s mother claimed that her son is an “animal lover” and suggested that the other driver should be charged for the fight.

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