This horrible day compilation from the YouTubers FailsnPranks will have you cracking up and cringing. From a mini golf mishap to a miss on a huge jump, this will definitely make every single person who views it feel better about the day or the week they have had. WOW these people definitely had a horrible day!

Let’s qualify that statement. If you had a horrible day because the boss dumped a lot of work on your desk with a short deadline or you just walked out to your car to find a flat tire, these folks and their failures may not cheer you up all that much.

Now on the other hand, as you nurse your wounds and think “How could I have ever thought I could make that jump?” then these folks are your peeps. Misery loves company and bruises love watching other people get bruised.

Some universal truths we can learn from this painful compilation are:

  • Round things like rocks or even golf balls will get you, they just will. Call it the boomerang effect.
  • Trees, they are beautiful, they make our air easier to breathe, they change color in the fall and if you shoot them, they will get you, sucka!
  • Ice is for drinks, not for skating.
  • If you run downhill very fast, you’ll fall, very fast.
  • Leave the wheelies to someone, anyone else.
  • Gravity is a bitch.
  • Gravity never gives anyone a break, never!
  • Gravity doesn’t care if you’re trying to impress a girl, or get a lot of pageviews.
  • Also, gravity is a bitch.