A Brooklyn high school hallway descended into anarchy in mid-December when a group of teens decided to settle their differences with their fists.

Another student in the hallway managed to capture a video of the fight and upload it to social media where it quickly made the rounds online. The video shows a chaotic scene in which a gaggle of girls swing at each other, pull hair and rip clothes; though one group is clearly instigating. Security guards try, in vain, to slow down the fight but are unable to stop the madness.

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On the outside of the video, you can even spot a security guard trying to stop the fight, but very time the guard was able to stop a fight, another broke out behind him. Eventually, other staff members showed up and were able to stop the fight. The girls in the video were identified as members of “a disbanded cheer squad” by the New York Daily News, but the reason for the attack is unclear.

Marcel Florestal — an attorney representing the victims — told the city on Wednesday that he intends to sue, saying “this is a school that’s known to have a lot of violence, and there was only one security person who was there and she couldn’t handle it. No one is secure in a situation like that. The school is not supervised.”

Victory Collegiate High School (screenshot/Google Maps)

The girls belonged to the same cheerleading squad but the team pulled from two high schools, Brooklyn Theatre Arts and Victory Collegiate, that are located in the same building. A mother of one of the victims told the Daily News that she believes her daughter was attacked because some students believed that the coach was playing favorites. She explained, “I send my daughter to school to learn, not to fight. My concern is sending my child to school and not having to wonder if she is safe.” The worried mother added “where was the school safety? they were not around when they attacked her.”

Another source close to one of the victims said that she believes the girls were targeted in an area that’s known to stir fights, saying “this is a location where people meet up to fight.”

One of the girls was taken to the hospital and treated for a fractured facial bone, the other was so shaken that she refused to return to school for a week.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Education did not comment on any disciplinary actions taken against the teens, but said “safety always comes first…this incident was swiftly addressed and appropriate disciplinary action was taken.”

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