On Monday, Colorado was struck with storms that caused a fortune in damages and grounded flights at Denver International Airport. The first storm rolled through at around 3 p.m. and in a video recorded by a driver, we can see the true power of nature. The parent who captured the clip explains,”I was outside of the elementary school waiting to pick up my first grader, and just as the bell rang the sky started assaulting us with giant hail balls of doom. The hail storm came out of nowhere, and we are very thankful none of the kids had been released from school before the hail began falling.”

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The Denver Post reported that two people were struck by lightning over the weekend in a series of flash storms. The area is expected to get frighteningly bad weather throughout the week.

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At a mall in Greeley, Colorado, roughly 60 miles from Denver, the barrage of hail smashed through a glass ceiling. In the clip, a waterfall of rain cascades onto the floor of the shopping center. The man who recorded the video says that he was eating in the food court with his family when the weather struck. Shortly after the video ends, the mall was evacuated.

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