If you love America and ever find yourself bored and needing something to pass the time, this is the perfect thing for you.

Dick Pritchett Real Estate in Fort Myers, Florida, set up an eagle camera for anyone wishing to see the daily activities of a bald eagle named Harriet and her family. Though this may sound boring to some viewers, the feed has contained several dramatic moments throughout the years.

As Dick Pritchett Real Estate, Inc., explains, Harriet has nested in the area since 2006, originally with a male named Ozzie, on private land owned by the real estate company. A camera was set originally up during the 2012-2013 nesting season to get an intimate look at the pair.

Ozzie unfortunately passed away in fall 2015 after getting into a fight with another male eagle. Harriet then began to court several other eagles, eventually bonding with M15 (short for Male 2015) later in the season.

Since that time, the nest has faced an attack from an owl, seen the hatching of a few eggs and unfortunately been the site of quite a few eagle injuries and deaths.

If this looks a little familiar, it’s because the world watched the eagle couple proudly become parents again in December 2017. According to the Miami Herald, Harriet and M15’s 10,000-plus viewers and fans witnessed the highly-anticipated hatching of eaglets E10 and E11 just after Christmas.

Other angles of the nest are available on the official page dedicated to the live feed.

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