This daredevil has a warning to anyone wishing to jump off a cliff without being safe YouTube/Caters Clips
YouTube/Caters Clips

A man with absolutely no fear filmed himself jumping off the side of a cliff without a parachute in Yosemite National Park.

“Oh my God, that was crazy!” exclaimed Ryan Jenks, 33, while filming himself rope jumping — or as Daily Mail explains, “leaping off a cliff while attached to a highline rope safety system.” The video shows Jenks jumping from an 800 ft. cliff holding on to nothing but a rope.

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Even though he is clearly enjoying himself, the daredevil revealed that he had another purpose for uploading the video.

“I made a video about how we rigged it so people would be overwhelmed by what goes into a safe set up,” he told Daily Mail, asking that those interested in the activity don’t try it on their own.

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