This daredevil riding a hoverboard on the ledge of a high-rise is sure to make your stomach turn


There’s a fine line between being an adrenaline junkie and just being plain stupid. And this guy in Hong Kong is flirting with it. In the video, which was captured in mid-May on a high rise in the metropolis, the daredevil teen rides one a hoverboard along the edge of the building–hundreds of feet above the ground. He does all of it without a safety harness or parachute.

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Hoverboards use a motor, and riders require a bit of practice just to keep from falling. But this guy is confident enough in his abilities that he’s decided to ride along the literal edge of the building while carrying a selfie stick to film his endeavor.

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Who he is or how he got access to the roof is unknown. We obviously don’t have to tell you not to try this at home.

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