This drugged-up suspect wouldn’t comply, so the cops let the dog at his legs


In the Netherlands, it’s uncommon for police to draw their weapons on suspects. Though they are armed with handguns, they rarely ever use them. Instead, officers rely on Mace and other weapons — in this case their dogs.

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In the video, which was uploaded in the end of 2016, the police try to grab a man who seems to be on drugs. As he gets close to them, they keep their distance, and one of them even unloads a can of Mace into his face — which seems to have no effect.

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When he bends over and growls at the police dog, it seems like the last straw. But then he spits on the animal, and the dog’s handler pushes him away. Soon the dog gets within biting range and latches onto the mans pants before bringing him to the ground. When the suspect is brought down, the other officers step in and put him in cuffs.

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