You’ve heard of “Snakes on a Plane,” but how about snakes under a car hood?

A Bradenton, Fla., man got the fright of his life when his car wouldn’t start, and he popped the hood to see what was up. And what was up was an honest-to-goodness python curled up on the engine.

What would you do next? This guy decided to try to scare the reptile away with a hose, but that only provoked the snake to slither down into the car’s wheel well.

That’s when professionals were needed to handle this slippery job. When the Wildlife, Inc. Education & Rehabilitation Center arrived on the scene, they needed about 30 minutes or so to wrangle the 3-foot ball python out of the car.

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“I didn’t want anything to do with him,” Diane Walsh, the wife of the man, Thomas Walsh, told WLTX 19.

She said, “He was frustrated, slammed the door to car. He came out, opened the hood, there the snake was.”

Added Diane Walsh: “Right then you will see his expression. He jumped back and he was freaking out running into the garage.”

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How rare is it to find a python under the hood?

Well, Ed Straight, president of Wildlife, Inc., said his organization fields 4,000 calls a year, and last week’s snake emergency was a first.

“Definitely [a] more interesting one,” Straight told WLTX 19.

He also noted not to worry, saying that if a python, or any other snake, finds its way under the hood, cars are well sealed and will keep the scaly guy from slithering his way into the car.

Also, it turns out the python wasn’t the cause for the Walsh’s car not starting. Apparently, Thomas left the Chevy Impala unlocked overnight and left the key fob to the keyless car in the vehicle, causing it not to start.