This guy lit a firecracker inside a moving truck, which went about as well as you’d expect

Daily Mail video screenshot -- guy lights firework in truck

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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A truck full of buds in Norfolk, Va., were partying through their Memorial Day weekend and literally capped things off with a bang.

But it’s not the kind of bang any of them would have wanted. While driving along, one of the guys in the back seat of the truck decided to light a firecracker. The goal was to light it and then toss the thing out the window.

As he’s trying to light the fuse, one of the dudes in the truck can be heard saying to roll down the window, adding, “Hurry the f**k up. Just f*****g light it, bro, and throw it down.'”

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He lit it alright, but the firecracker exploded prematurely in his hand, and the truck quickly filled with smoke.

The video was posted by Viral Hog with a caption that read: “My friends on Memorial Day weekend were having a good time and had a firework blow up way too fast in the truck.”

The actually amazing part of the video is that once the firecracker exploded, and the truck filled with smoke, none of the guys in the truck, not even the driver, panicked. The driver kept control of the vehicle as everyone processed what had just happened.

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Eventually, one of the truck doors can be heard opening and closing, presumably allowing the guy who had the firecracker blow up in his face finally to throw out the remains of it.

The smoke finally started to clear out, and as the 30-second video clip neared its end, the guy who lit the firecracker can be heard saying, “F**k, it blew up right on me.”

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