This guy saw two men stealing flowers from a Manchester memorial and immediately confronted them

YouTube/The Evening Standard

The Manchester bombings killed 22 people, and in the wake of the tragedy, the nation of Britain came together to mourn their loss. It’s been an emotional week for the city of Manchester, and when one man noticed two men stealing flowers from a memorial dedicated to the victims of the bombing, he confronted them about the theft.

The Sun identified the man who recorded the video as 43-year-old Mark McNally. He approached the men, furious with what he’d just witnessed. The pair apparently had stolen flowers and a doll from the memorial. When he asked them what they’re doing, one of the two responded, “I like flowers, the flowers are very nice.” McNally’s patience quickly runs out, and he declares, “Put them back — put them back now.”

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He then walks one of the men over to the memorial, when the man, whose face is blurred, says, “I don’t know,” the infuriated father responds “What do you mean you don’t know? You know what’s gone on.” He then warns them, “You better fuck off, or I’ll call the police. And if the police don’t come, I’ll knock the shit out of the pair of you. How’s that?”

When the man backs away, McNally declares, “It’s not a stall, you don’t pinch from it.” Another woman quickly steps in and helps to chase the thieves away.

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McNally later said, “I was raging inside, but luckily I kept it together well. I was so angry with it all […] even a child would know what it was there for.”

Ariana Grande, who was performing at the concert where the tragedy occurred, has announced that she will perform a memorial concert for the victims and a number of other top musicians including Justin Bieber and Katy Perry.

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