Dashcam video catches the moment a moron tried to speed past a semi and took out another car

When you’re driving behind a tractor-trailer, it’s pretty hard to see what’s in front of it. So, the next time you’re thinking about passing a semi, maybe look twice, or what happened to this idiot could happen to you.

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Footage from a camera on the dashboard of the semi shows a car driving past it in a passing zone, only the driver didn’t realize the truck was slowing down because a car in front of it was getting ready to turn left. As the car passes the semi, the truck driver sounds his horn trying to warn the car, but it’s too late. The car in front of the semi starts its turn and goes to cross through the left lane, so the two cars collide.

“Oh, my gosh,” the truck driver says as he pulls over to help. “Holy crap.”

The idiot driver who caused the collision seems to be okay, as he gets out of his car to go check on the other car, but the video ends before we’re able to see the condition of the other driver. We hope everyone is okay.

Take a lesson from this video and be patient on the road, and maybe don’t try to pass a semi, or at least look twice before doing so.

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