A contestant on Thursday’s episode of “Jeopardy!” had his fellow contestants nearly at a loss for words and elicited a classic reaction from host Alex Trebek with his answer to one prompt.

When contestant Austin Rogers, who’s been taking the Internet by storm on the gameshow lately, selected the category “Tree” for $1,000 after being called upon, Trebek read the card aloud: “Slang for a detective.” Rogers almost immediately pressed his buzzer to give his response.

“What is, uh, a dick?” he stumbled and then smirked, unclear if he intended the answer as a joke or not. Uncertain of how the host would react, but well aware of what he had just said, he simply looked at Trebek as his fellow contestants froze in silence.

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Rather than pointing out that “dick” has two other slang meanings in addition to being an actual nickname for a detective, Trebek said, “No, I know nothing about a dick tree, but there is a gumtree,” revealing that the correct answer was “gumshoe.”

“I’ve seen one before,” Rogers joked before quickly selecting a mother category.

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This “Jeopardy!” contestant’s naughty answer got an amazing response Twitter/Joe McCoy
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