Outrageously Dressed Former Boxing Champ KO’d a Young Punk for Mouthing Off

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

One reason it’s never a good idea to start drinking at 8 in the morning is because it might hinder your judgment on whom to pick a fight with at noon. Fighting drunk is a bad idea, but fighting a former world boxing champion drunk is a terrible idea.

Rocky Lockridge, in the gaudiest, most outrageous outfit he could’ve picked out that morning, was just standing there, appearing to be minding his own business when he became the subject of verbal abuse from a wanna-be bully. Keep in mind that Lockridge was once the WBA Super Featherweight champion after beating Roger Mayweather, uncle of Floyd Jr.

So, back to our story.

The man approached Lockridge, his mouth still flapping. While the two were face to face, the crowd that had gathered began urging the former champion to show restraint, and he appeared to consider it for a brief moment.

But in a flash, no doubt tired of the mumbo-jumbo, Lockridge threw a left and a closing right.

Timing being the necessary element for comedy, onlookers didn’t disappoint as they started an eight-count. Read more at FanBuzz.

This post was originally published in May 2016.

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