A Utah police department made a convincing argument against leaving the garage door open.

The West Jordan Police Department shared a video on Facebook of what looks to be a normal moment. A vehicle, a white Hyundai to be exact, drives into a home garage and a woman gets out. But her actions while inside make it immediately clear that there was nothing normal about this.

“This, ladies and gents, is what a thief looks like,” the department explained.

The woman exists her vehicle wearing a hoodie and sunglasses. She spots a few items that she likes, including a drill and tool set, and begins to grab them.

She places the items in her vehicle and goes back for things. She continues to do this until she’s satisfied, gets back into her vehicle, and backs out of the garage.

The theft took less than three minutes.

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Thief in white Hyundai

***PLEASE READ AND SHARE*** This ladies and gents is what a thief looks like….well this particular one. We really need to catch her. She simply drove into this homeowner's open garage and helped herself to a large amount of tools. She loads items for around two minutes and then drives off. This incident occurred last week during mid morning in the area of 6500 West 7500 South. She is driving a newer style Hyundai and was wearing a jacket with some unique patterns on the back. Please review the video and then look in the comments for additional screen shots on the jacket detail. If you recognize her or can help us identify her, please call Detective Lorence at 801-256-2140.


Posted by West Jordan Police Department on Monday, January 22, 2018


“What a sad person to do something like this. I hope she gets caught,” said one viewer. Another criticized, “This is so sad to watch happen to someone’s stuff. It’s like she is shopping at a retail store picking out what she wants.”

Law enforcement has asked the public to assist in finding the woman.

“If you recognize her or can help us identify her, please call Detective Lorence at 801-256-2140,” the department asked of the public.

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