“Dr. Phil” is no stranger to strange, but one of the latest outbursts on Phil McGraw’s show might just take the cake, as far as the internet is concerned.

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An episode from September 2016 featuring the always amusing mother-with-out-of-control-teenager trope has gotten all kinds of traction.

While the 13-year-old girl named Danielle says her mom is “crazy,” “overbearing” and “controlling,” the mom just wants to know what the hell she’s talking about all the time.

Dr. Phil asks a couple of questions, but doesn’t get answers he can understand.

So he asks, “I’m sorry I didn’t get that. Are you speaking English? You have an accent of some sort?”

“From the streets,” the teen replies. Then she calls the audience “hoes” for laughing.

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But here’s where things got the internet in a frenzy: “Cash me outside, how about dat?”

Translation: “Do you want to step outside?”

The teen’s phrase has since taken on a new life with a new spelling and has launched meme after meme.

This one rules them all.

(H/t Buzzfeed)

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