This video of monstrous North Sea waves bombarding an oil rig will have you swearing off the ocean

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The North Sea is home to some of the most brutal ocean conditions on earth and a video making the rounds online shows just how terrible mother nature can be — thankfully, there was no tragedy in this situation as the oil rig that was battered by the waves managed to make it through alright.

According to the video description, the rig shown in the video is the Borgholm Dolphin, a structure about 145 miles east of Aberdeen outside of the United Kingdom. The clip was filmed by James Eaton, who works on a nearby platform. In an email, Eaton told the Daily Mail “the storm lasted about two days with big seas … we get a lot of storms this time of year, but never really have a vessel or a flotel near us to see how bad it is.”

Waves breaking across the Borgholm Dolphin (Rumble/ViralHog)

The video was shot on January 10, 2015, though the Borgholm Dolphin is considerably older. It was built in 1975 and weighs over 15,000 tons. The rig is actually part of the Dolphin Drilling fleet which has structures all up the coast of Norway.

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Oil drilling is big money in Norway where the North Sea rigs pump out millions of gallons of oil each year. However, environmental organizations are now fighting back trying to cut down on the business under the argument that the drilling accelerates climate change.

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