A totally sane method of venomous snake removal: Just freaking grab it

There isn’t a whole lot of context for this video aside from this: A woman in India willfully handled a venomous snake and dumped it into a bucket.

The slithering creature was using the old “snake in the grass” technique, but that didn’t stop her from taking action. 

What are the odds that any of you would do the same?

There are several ways to catch a snake safely. This women does it one way: just grab it. It’s probably better to think first. Does she even know what kind of snake this is? I don’t recognize it myself but I am more of the kind of person that would leave it alone.

If you’re picking up a snake, heavy gloves could come in handy. Also it’s better if more of you is covered up, say with pants and boots.

There are tools called snake tongs that allow you to grab, hold, and move a snake safely, at a distance. Not everyone has a pair handy. Some people don’t even have a spare tire in their car, let alone snake tongs.

Same story with the snake hook. This one allows you to scoop up larger snakes and transport the snakes safely. Where are these things when you need them? Usually with the people who need them most, trained professional snake handlers.

What do you think?

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