Watch This Idiot Try to Drive His Truck Away While It’s Being Towed

In terms of sheer redneckery, attempting to drive your pickup truck away while it’s being towed by the repo man is pretty up there. I’d give it three and a half trailers out of five. All this video is missing is a dog in the truck bed, a pregnant woman yelling at the guy driving the truck, and an ice-cold tallboy of Busch.

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But we shouldn’t nitpick. We should appreciate what we’ve been given, and that’s this wonderful video of a man desperately and ultimately failing to prevent the inevitable.

This dickhead refused to just let his truck get towed. from IdiotsInCars

Not long after he started attempting to drag the tow truck his Ford was hitched to down the highway, the pickup owner had to realize he was going to get arrested, so he figured he might as well just let it rip and slam on the gas. I feel like paying your bills would have been the easier way out of this you do you, buddy.

It’s rare you root for the repo man in any situation but this truck owner is so selfish you get the impression that he didn’t pay his bills just because he didn’t feel like it. I’m just guessing but buying or leasing another car might be problematic for this gentleman.

According to the repo man, the guy did go to jail, by the way.

Tow trucks: you can’t drag them with your pickup. Lesson learned.

This article was originally published on September 14, 2018.

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