Trump-related tensions once again boiled over at a protest, and someone got punched in the face

YouTube screenshot -- Protestor and Trump supporter at Hollywood rally

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A political confrontation in Hollywood over the weekend took a violent turn when a supporter of President Donald Trump got tired of debating with a 72-year-old demonstrator and instead let his fist do the talking.

Anti-Trump protestors and Trump supporters held dueling rallies in Southern California, leading to two arrests and the confrontation in the stunning video in which a Trump supporter threw a punch to the face of a demonstrator, a 72-year-old man who was knocked to the ground.

The puncher, wearing what appears to be a red “Make America Great Again” cap, and the white-haired demonstrator were engaged in a conversation that was growing heated, as the video shows. Each man could be heard telling the other to “f**k off!”

The demonstrator, known only as Greywolf, likely for his long white hair and goatee, was holding a placard on a stick and then used the placard to take a swipe at the man in the hat, grazing his face.

That set off the man in the hat, who took several swings at the elder protestor before finally landing a punch to his face that knocked the man to the pavement.

At that point, a voice screamed through a bullhorn could be heard urging, “Do not engage, do not engage.”

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Greywolf told the Los Angeles Times that he was attacked by the “disgruntled Trump supporter” after an altercation over a bullhorn.

“He shoved a bullhorn in my face,” Greywolf told the newspaper. “I pushed him back and he decided that was enough provocation to hit me in the face.”

The puncher was arrested on suspicion of battery, according to police spokesman Sgt. Neil Wank.

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Greywolf told the LA Times that he plans to press charges.

The demonstrators on both sides mostly remained calm. One anti-Trump protester who received a minor laceration during the scuffle was given medical aid from a rival demonstrator, the LA Times reported.

Anna King, 38, a Trump supporter and medical assistant from Cerritos, came to the demonstration with some of her friends and brought along a large American flag. She said they came in the name of unity.

“I think we should all come together as a country and support our president,” she told the newspaper.

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