Two high stakes poker players had an MMA brawl with $100,000+ on the line and damn, was it brutal YouTube Screenshot

High stakes poker players aren’t satisfied with just making money from poker anymore. The new thing for these guys is apparently MMA.

Back in September 2015, Oliver Busquet put up a challenge to the poker world on Twitter to face him in an MMA match. JC Alvarado took him up on the challenge, throwing in $150,000 against Busquet’s $120,000. Now, Busquet had no formal training while Alvarado had been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 2011.

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According to their agreement, Busquet would come in at a fight weight of 187.5, while Alvarado, the favorite, had to make 165. And it proved that the bigger man would take the day.

Busquet’s vicious ground-and-pound attacks in Round 4 proved too much for Alvarado, leaving him bloodied and unable to continue.

It looks like his six months of training prior to the fight really paid off. Who knew two poker players could put on such a crazy fight?

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