Two lobstermen jumped into action after noticing that a one-eyed bald eagle was struggling to swim


Lobstermen John Chipman, Jr. and Kevin Meaney documented their amazing efforts to rescue a one-eyed bald eagle in the water while sailing aboard the “Theresa Anne” near Birch Harbor, Maine.

Videos by Rare

According to Bangor Daily News, Meaney’s wife, Theresa, shared videos she received from her husband on Instagram.

The eagle can be swimming in the water, but it appeared to be tired and struggling to remain afloat.

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The men brought the bird on their boat, preventing it from potentially drowning.

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Theresa also praised her husband, who was heartened by the positive outpouring:

I sent Kevin a screen shot of the amount of views and all the comments about the Eagle rescue. He does not have an instagram account which I suppose is forgiveable [sic] considering his recent actions. He is the kind of guy that will give you the shirt off his back and grill you a nice steak while you go swimming and use his jet skiis. All kidding aside he has asked me to thank everyone on his behalf for all the kind words. As a veteran and an American the eagle signifies pride, integrity and honor and he considers it a privilege to have assisted our national symbol in its time of need.

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