In footage posted to YouTube, Cody Kunau says he and a friend were headed to dinner when a brown bear ran across the road in front of them.

Kunau is a fishing guide in Yakutat, Alaska. There’s no shortage of bears up there.

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They slowed to “catch a glimpse” of the bear and see where it went which is when this almost turned into a much more graphic video.

The bear, watching the vehicle slow to a stop, erupts from the trees at them. Depending on species, brown bears can run as fast as 40 mph. They can (and have) torn bumpers off cars.

“We could see no cubs, no kill, or anything that would make this bear behave the way it did,” an attached statement from Kunau reads.

He says the same bear attacked another car following him, and the charge was one of “the scariest moments of [his] life.”

Patrick is a content editor for Rare.
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