University symphony pranks their band director with the Mii Channel theme song

Drew Harris/Facebook

Ah, the symphony. Among many things, it lies at the intersection of entertainment and class.

Or it’s just the perfect place to launch a prank, if you’re a member of Liberty University’s Wind Symphony.

Fifth-year composition student Drew Harris shared a Facebook video of the moment he got other students to prank their director. According to Classic FM, Harris composed an arrangement to the Mii Channel Theme, originally composed by Kazumi Totoaka, and passed it out to the other students.

The unsuspecting director took his place at the front and began the performance, thinking he was going to hear the Bach Chorale usually played during warm up. Perhaps if he looked at the few guilty faces looking anxiously towards the camera, he would have suspected that something was up.

Rather than being taken back to the 1700s, the students played a tune that conjured up flashbacks of intense Wii bowling sessions.

Well, for some of us, anyway.

The director rushed over to a student’s sheet music to see what went wrong.

“I can honestly say I’ve never, ever, ever heard that before,” he joked. “You’re all number one in my book!”

(H/T Mashable)

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