In a recent video, we’re able to see just what happens when you fall asleep at the wheel while reaching speeds over 100 miles-per-hour. Thankfully, in this case, nobody was seriously injured.

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In the clip, 43-year-old David Winkler was driving with his two sons in Hungary when he dozed off, swerving to the shoulder and eventually to the other side of the guardrail. As the Volvo careens into the rail, it slowly reduces speed and probably saves Winkler’s life.

The dashboard camera shows the speed of the car slowly increasing, reaching a speed of 163 kilometers-per-hour–which translates to just over 101 miles-per-hour.

Winkler told the Daily Mail that he and his sons had just eaten before they got on the road for a long drive. He said, “I got that feeling of a long highway, travelling just over 80mph, my stomach was full, and I fell asleep as I accelerated. I guess I fell asleep for 14 or 15 seconds and it happened. I woke up once the car came to a stop, but my son who was awake says it felt like it was going on forever.”

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The father says that he wasn’t worried about himself at first and only thinking about his two sons. Thankfully, the group made it out unharmed, though the Volvo definitely suffered some serious damage.

Surprisingly, falling asleep at the wheel is a pretty big problem. According to the CDC, one in 25 drivers over the age of 18 reported falling asleep at the wheel at least once in the last month. In 2013, falling asleep at the wheel was responsible for 800 deaths and tens of thousands of crashes.

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