The 6-year-old Jackson, Miss., boy at the center of an Amber Alert was found dead in the backseat of a stolen Toyota Camry Thursday morning. Jackson police told Fox13 that Kingston Frazier’s body was in the backseat of the car and had a gunshot wound.

The already horrifying story became even worse when police held a press conference before notifying the parents of their son’s death. The parents arrived in the middle of the press conference and the scene turned chaotic.

At the 2:38-mark of the above cell phone video, a black car drives up and the boy’s parents hurriedly get out. The father walks toward the ongoing press conference and says, “I’ve waited nine hours to hear anything, I haven’t heard shit about my son all day. And I know he ain’t right. There’s something wrong, just let me know.”

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The law enforcement official talking with reporters huddles with the father, who starts to walk away back toward the car. The mother then pleads, “Just tell me, please tell me.”

The video cuts off and then returns with the father walking and apparently talking on his phone. He’s heard saying, “They killed my son. They shot him, they shot him! They killed him! He’s dead!”

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The reporter for a Jackson news station who was recording the scene then began to narrate, saying that the parents just learned that their “6-year-old beautiful child Kingston is dead.”

According to Fox13, police arrested three people, 18-year-old DeAllen Washington, 18-year-old Dwan Wakefield and 19-year-old Byron McBride, and all three suspects face capital murder charges.

Fox13 released a series of photos of the child.


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