Video shows crash that injured the man whose nurse was arrested for defending his privacy

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Upsetting footage released days ago shows University of Utah burn center nurse Alex Wubbels being arrested for refusing to break protocol and give over a blood sample from the victim of a crime.

Now, police dashcam footage has also emerged of the crash that sent trucker and reserve Idaho police officer William Gray to the hospital in the first place.

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Gray was driving a truck that collided head-on with a black Chevrolet Silverado driven by a man fleeing police. The impact caused an explosion and fire almost instantly; Gray was badly burned in the fiery crash.

When transported to the hospital, Gray was unable to give consent to release his blood sample, and as he was the victim of a crime, not the suspect in a crime, Wubbels refused to release his blood sample without a warrant.

Video shows detective Jeff Payne disagreeing with her decision before violently arresting her and shoving her into a police cruiser.

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