Waiting for a pizza at Domino’s, this steamy couple was caught turning up the heat with their pants down

Youtube screenshot - couple get frisky at Domino's

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The Beatles used to sing “Why don’t we do it in the road?” Well, this British couple is doing it in a lot more places than that. Daniella Hirst, 28, and Craig Smith, 31, seem to get a thrill out of getting it on where anybody can see.

They were caught on closed-caption television at a Domino’s Pizza, where the couple says they “got a bit carried away,” which is kind of like calling the queen a bit stuffy. While they waited in line for their pepperoni pizza, the camera caught them in various positions, including Hirst on her knees.

Hirst is then seen leaning over the counter, just feet away from the store’s employees, while Smith pulls down her underwear and goes to work. The footage went viral, but Hirst didn’t seem to mind much, telling The Sun that anyone criticizing them is “f*****g boring.”

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The couple bragged that they “love having sex in weird places.”

She told The Sun: “I’m very open-minded about sex and public places — I love the thrill you may get caught. But obviously, I never thought we’d get caught like this and end up all over the internet.”

Smith provided a list of the best public places they’ve had sex: “Our top five include a bus, a van, a hotel, swimming pool and a field. We wanted to see if we could top it. We got a bit frisky and one thing led to another. Domino’s is definitely now our No. 1 — going to be hard to top it.”

Hirst added that their little romp at the pizza place was their riskiest yet.

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“We laughed as we walked home. We’ve done it all over the place but never anywhere that risky — never with people that close before,” Hirst said. “We got back to the hotel and continued where we left off. We woke up the next morning and our friends told us about the CCTV — we just laughed about it going viral.”

“That’s just the type of thing that happens to us.”

As for doing it again at Domino’s? Well, they might try another place.

“Maybe Pizza Hut,” she said.

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