Want to protect yourself at home? This gun bed will solve all your problems Facebook/Screenshot

One Five Ent uploaded a video to Facebook of a bizarre gun bed used to to hide firearms in a safe and fashionable way.

According to The Original Gun Bed website, they are “bed frames designed for your peace of mind.”

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The gun beds range from $999 to $2,038 for a snazzy “Log Gun Bed.”

In the video, the firearm is stored away in a locking cabinet above the bed that drops down in a flash.

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“If You Stay Ready, You Don’t Have To Get Ready,” they wrote on their Facebook post.

However, some people weren’t fond of the idea.

Some Facebook users commented on the Facebook post and said,” Works great till it falls out and shoots someone[…] I’d find a better storage where the gun isn’t pointing in your partners direction,” and “Yeah sure let me get that out with the barrel pointing towards my girlfriends forehead. Great idea champ.”

One female customer felt strongly about her purchase and said, “Before we got the Gun Bed I never would have thought to buy one. But now that we have it, it definitely gives me a safe feeling, knowing it’s accessible!”

Would you purchase a gun bed?

Melissa Gotleib is a content editor at Rare.
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