According to reports, a young Chinese woman attempted to commit suicide by jumping off a seven-story building, but was saved after her husband grabbed her ponytail.

The suicide attempt happened on Sunday after the woman, whose last name is Kang, got into an argument with her husband, surnamed Liu, whom she lived with on the top floor of the building. Police body cameras caught footage of an emotional Kang refusing to step back from the ledge of the building and telling her husband to “let go” of her. She can then be seen hanging from the rooftop while her husband attempts to save her by holding onto her ponytail.

The six local policemen who arrived at the scene helped Liu pull her back onto the roof. In addition to Liu’s grab, Kang’s body was being supported by a drain pipe.

“Her husband can’t save [her] by just grabbing her ponytail if there wasn’t a drain pipe,” one policeman said.

After three minutes, police managed to rescue her. Afterwards, they gave the couple some advice on how to work out their disagreement and helped to calm Kang down. Fortunately, only one officer suffered a minor shoulder injury during the rescue.

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