Watch a Trump protester punch alt-right leader Richard Spencer right in the face

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After President Donald Trump’s inauguration, alt-right leader Richard Spencer was punched in the face by a protester while in the middle of an interview.

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Spencer was on the corner of 14th and K Streets around 2:30 p.m. when a masked protester came up behind him and planted a fist right into his cheek. Spencer, barely given time to react, was quickly ushered into a car. According to video footage, he was in the midst of explaining how he’s “not a neo-Nazi” and assuring a nearby woman that he does in fact like African-American people when the attack happened.

He confirmed the attack on Twitter shortly after saying, “I was just physically assaulted twice by antifas. No serious damage. I can take a punch.”

He later released a video on Periscope further explaining the incident, saying, “Someone came out of nowhere, and punched me. He didn’t really land one, and it didn’t hurt that much. But it was pretty remarkable.”

Spencer garnered media attention in November when he spoke at a conference in Washington D.C. where those in attendance were seen giving the Nazi salute. He has been widely regarded as a white nationalist since. Shortly after videos of the conference enraged social media users, President Trump told the New York Times that he disavows the alt-right.

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