Watch an unsatisfied customer and a nail salon owner brawl it out over a messy manicure

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A relaxing day at the nail salon quickly turned violent when an Ohio woman was unhappy with the service she received and was told to wait to be helped.

Adeshola Mohom allegedly complained to the staff at Cleveland’s Fantasy Nails on Tuesday about a botched polish job she received, and the owner Ty Dang asked to her wait as he finished up helping customers in line ahead of her. However, Mohom grew impatient and eventually started yelling and screaming at the employees and customers alike.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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A witness in the salon recorded the incident on a cellphone and uploaded it to social media. The footage shows Mohom punching and kicking Dang, while he attempts to restrain her and asks her to quiet down.

“I felt like she was a threat,” he told Cleveland 19 News after the ordeal. “I put her outside, then she made an effort to run back [and] jump on top of the [customer] and attack and hit her. She was a danger to everybody in my salon, so I had to restrain her until the police came.”

After watching the security camera footage, police confirmed his statement. Luckily, no customers were seriously injured during the brawl, and no charges were filed.

“I had time to think about it, and I was wrong,” Dang said, expressing regret for resorting to physical violence. “I would apologize to her in person, if she’d like. But at the end, when she called my wife a bitch, I snapped. I did push her down, I got on top of her and wanted to punch her, but I never did.”

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