Warning: this video has language you may find offensive.

A massive, massive brawl that took place in Coney Island, N.Y., on Friday night and ended in the arrests of six women and one man happened because of “serious alcoholic rage.” At least that’s the opinion of the man who filmed the whole thing.

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Things were heated as soon as the video began, as multiple women circled and threw punches at each other. Seconds later, two others were locked in a scuffle on the pavement.

One climbed on the other, pushed her face to the ground with one hand and threw punches with the other hand.

Facebook/Papito Cortez

The New York Daily News has named those arrested: Delicia Walker, Marquise Rowell, Victoria Alexender, Tyra Budoo, Nyasra Budoo, Aijae Smith and Jaaleessa Burks.

The Brooklyn locals’ ages range from 17 to 25. It’s clear from the video that they had no plans of stopping the brawl when the police showed up.

If anything, things escalated.

Steven Bowens, 20, was the lone man arrested at the scene. He faces charges of assaulting a police office and criminal possession of a knife.

Papi Cortez, a local rapper, was the one who filmed the intense brawl and said he had just gotten out of a night club when he saw the violent drama unfolding.

Facebook/Papito Cortez

“I was just coming out of a club on the boardwalk, and all this madness broke out,” he said. “I’m not too sure what it was over or what it was about. Most likely it was serious alcoholic rage.”

Cortez described the melee as “pretty brutal.”

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Multiple attempts to break up the fight by three officers at the scene were unsuccessful and they took a step back. Once one of the officers went down with an apparent knee injury, pepper spray was deployed, the crowd dispersed, and arrests were made.

Facebook/Papito Cortez
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