Watch: Elderly woman with an American flag gets dragged by violent protester in Boston Facebook/Fox News
Facebook/Fox News

The Boston “Free Speech” rally is underway and while police have been very diligent about keeping the right-wing groups away from protesters, there are still isolated incidents of violence.

A recent clip shows a woman holding an American flag as a protester tries to rip it from her hands. The woman holds on and is dragged toward a group of people, some of whom are wearing masks. She then charges into the group, apparently to confront the individual who just tried to take her flag.

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Eventually, others come to help and console her. The video was shown on Fox News where a commentator said, “You can’t grab something out of someone’s hand and drag them on the ground, that’s their property and that’s assault.”

The Boston rally has been relatively peaceful. A huge mass of counter-protesters marched through the streets, while only about 60 of the alt-right protesters were in the park where the rally is being held.

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