Watch how close two bikers came to being roadkill when a dumb dog ran in the road at the worst possible time YouTube/screenshot

Warning: this video contains language you might find offensive.

Two motorcyclists riding in a group on April 16 had an awful near-death experience, and it was all because a dog ran in the road at the worst possible time.

The video, filmed on a helmet cam, shows the dog run past the lead biker. One second later, the dog is hit and sends two bikers to the pavement.

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The dog spins off of the road and appears to be killed on impact.

But the worst part of all this is that a truck approaches at the time of the wreck.


Luckily, both bikers escaped relatively unscathed. One of them leaps out of the way of danger at the crucial moment.

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“From a group ride on April 16th. I was on the supermoto and walked away with minor injury’s. The rider on the first bike had some road rash, bruised bones, and bruised kidney. Wear your gear people!” video uploader Travis Meyer wrote on YouTube.

A second video shows the crash from another perspective.

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