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The Ku Klux Klan held a rally in Anaheim, California and when people got wind of it, things went exactly how you’d expect them to go.

Steve Kuzj filmed a video of the brawl that broke out between the Klan and protestors and it is… hardcore. The protesters are not messing around. Considering most of them are minorities and are confronting America’s most notorious racist hate group, this isn’t really surprising, of course. It is, however, still jarring. Violence is scary. Who knew.

Warning: this video contains graphic language and violence.

Accoridng to Kuzj, three people in total were stabbed. One person was, apparently, stabbed with a Confederate flag like it was a spear, which feels super on-brand for a Klan rally.

The Los Angeles Times reported that, “twelve people were arrested, but the five KKK members taken into custody were later released after investigators determined they were acting in self-defense.”

Seven protesters were also arrested.

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A couple thoughts.

1. You have to think Klan members both expect and, honestly, probably welcome this. To an extent at least. No one wakes up wanting to get stabbed. Still, it makes them look a little sympathetic. People see this and think, “Well they’re obviously bad racists but we do have a first amendment and I don’t like people who use violence to suppress that. Principles!”

Beating the shit out of the Klan really does help them at the end of the day. Which sucks, because it’s probably satisfying, even if it’s wrong and counterproductive.

2. Watching this video mostly makes me think, “Who the hell joins the Klan?” How do you get to that point? Was there not a bowling league in your town? And do they leave this part out of the recruitment materials? You probably don’t see a guy getting run through with a flag pole in the “The Klan and You” brochure.


This story was originally published March 1, 2016 and updated May 18, 2020.

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