Man Rescues Tangled Baby Deer From Soccer Net

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It’s always the little things in nature that give us the most heartwarming experiences. As someone who likes to run on trails near my home, I tend to see rabbits or deer hiding among the trees and brushes that I pass by. It’s always a nice view that makes my run more enjoyable, and it makes me more cautious in not disturbing their peace.

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We can all do a little more in helping preserve the natural environment around us. And to rescue deer is an exact example of that.

These homeowners near Detroit, Michigan, became animal rescuers without meaning to. A woman saw a baby deer tangled in a soccer goal, and was horrified. She wrote online, “The noise the baby made was horrible and the mother deer was displeased that we were hurting her baby.”

It’s hard to tell exactly how the baby deer got caught up in the soccer net, but the mother deer was lingering by, clearly trying to figure out how to get her fawn out. The soccer net was near the garden, so it’s likely that the baby deer was trying to get lunch when it got stuck in the net. The woman started filming as she and another man tried to figure out the best way to approach this problem.

The video shows that as the man gets closer, the fawn starts screaming loudly, and the mother deer runs around the yard in frustration. The woman filming the video keeps an eye on the mother deer, trying to make sure she doesn’t add extra fear to the animals.

Then the man rescues the baby deer by cutting the soccer net to free its limbs that had become tangled. The fawn started screaming in fear, since it clearly had no clue what was going on, and its mother continues to run around in circles. The woman tries talking to the mother deer, as it runs around their yard, to calm her down and show her that they were friendly people.

After the fawn is cut free, it immediately runs off into the nearest forest area. The mother reappears and doesn’t realize where her baby has gone, so the homeowners try to sway her in the direction that they saw the baby deer run off in.

Although they wrote a week later that they still had not seen the animal again, I’m sure they felt proud for doing what they could to help.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on June 7, 2017.

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