Watch the moment car-crushing armored vehicles ended a long freeway chase and an LAPD K-9 toppled a suspect

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Los Angeles police pursued a man wanted for attempted murder Monday night in a chase that lasted nearly two hours and shut down the 405 freeway in both directions in and near the San Fernando Valley.

The LAPD put an end to the pursuit when it brought in two armored SWAT vehicles that crashed into the suspect’s car. Then, a K-9 pounced on the suspect as he emerged from the car. The ordeal ended around 12:20 a.m., near the Sunset Boulevard off-ramp.

Officers apprehended Marcos Tulio Flores, who is suspected of shooting a 36-year-old victim, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Described as a documented gang member, Flores started to flee police around 10:40 p.m. After taunting police and stopping several times while driving on city streets, he got on the 101 freeway, then headed southbound on the 405.

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Soon after, the California Highway Patrol shut down the freeway in both directions.

“This is one of the most intense chase scenes I’ve ever seen,” said Desmond Shaw, who was overhead in CBS Los Angeles chopper following the chase when LAPD officers fired shots at the suspect’s car.

Flores kept police in pursuit on the empty highway as he blatantly taunted them. At one point, it was difficult to determine if the driver lost control of the car as he spun out or if he was taunting police again by doing a donut in the middle of the freeway. Either way, it allowed the armored vehicles in pursuit to catch up and smash into his car.

The suspect regained control, continued driving, but soon the armored vehicles caught him and spun his car around, forcing him to a dead stop. Then, the SWAT vehicles sandwiched the suspect’s car, eliminating the chance for escape. Flores slowly emerged from his car, and when he did, police sent a K-9 unit to take him down.

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The victim Flores allegedly shot was hit in the upper body and remains hospitalized in critical condition. Police have not disclosed a motive for the shooting.

You can watch the entire chase as it unfolded here:

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