Watch the ridiculous aftermath of her jumping down for a hat next to a tiger exhibit YouTube/screenshot

Humans were caught on camera battling it out with first-grade-level insults at the Toronto Zoo after a woman jumped down next to a tiger exhibit to retrieve a hat.

Commenters agree that both parties involved were pretty childish.

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Below is a sampling of the YouTube reaction:

“‘You’re a moron!’ ‘No you’re a moron!’ ‘No your’e a moron!’ ‘You’re a bad example!’ ‘You’re a stupid moron!’ Ahhh I love being a Canadian LOL.”

“I wanted the Tiger to roar as its way to tell the people to shut up.”

“Nobody jumped the tiger fence; there was a fence between the animal and the person the entire time. its in violation of the rules of the zoo, and the person is a moron, but there was a bigger chance of getting eaten by the angry fat dude than the tiger.”

“They are all f*cking morons. the jumper and the damn crazy yellers.”

A video of the exchange was uploaded to YouTube on Saturday and already has more than a million views.

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