This video of a baby moving and grooving in utero is quite something.

The mother and father are clearly French, therefore it’s hard to understand exactly what they’re saying. What is for certain is that they are both marveling at the activity going on in mom’s belly. There is really a whole lotta shaking going on in there and they are quite impressed.  When their older child comes in to see what’s going on, she’s amazed by the whole thing.

The video was tongue-in-cheekly named “alien baby belly,” but this is pretty much the norm. Most babies move around quite a bit, especially in the third trimester.  OK, this one might be a little above average.

Most pregnant moms love those moments when they can feel their babies moving inside of them. Here are a few ways to encourage your baby to do that.  A healthy snack can help. When your blood sugar goes up it can get the baby going too. A little exercise will stimulate your circulation and theirs. The fetus may respond to a gentle poke or jiggle, or even the light from a flashlight. You can also try talking to the baby, or singing a little song. They really do pay attention in there!

No need to worry too much about this. During your third trimester you should definitely feel some movement, but not every fetus is as much of a show-off as the one in the video. Go for it little guy!

(H/T SF Globe)

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