Watch this pilot somehow safely land his plane in 70 mph crosswinds and with 70 passengers on board

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A pilot of a plane carrying about 70 passengers orchestrated a dramatic but safe landing, despite the small Eurowings craft being tossed around by crosswinds like it was made out of paper.

The situation occurred Thursday, and video of the frightening, stomach-churning landing at Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport shows the plane being swayed from side to side, actually touching down nearly perpendicular to the runway.

The winds pushing the Dash Q400 aircraft were measured at around 70 mph, according to The Mirror.

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While the landing is scary to watch and was likely frightening for passengers, crosswinds landings are not terribly uncommon, even though conditions during this particular landing would generally be considered extreme.

“It’s not really dangerous. It just requires the utmost of your training to kick in,” Daniel Fahl, a commercial airline pilot, told CNN in a 2012 article. “It does look dramatic, but that’s just because the airplanes are so susceptible to the wind. But that’s how they’re designed. They’re designed to be weather vanes that point into the wind.”

To see just how common these crosswinds landings are, even if you’ve had the good fortune never to experience one for yourself, there are a number of nerve-grating landings on internet.

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