Tenacity, thy name is catfish, but also snake.

I doubt this fish ever thought it stood a chance against this snake, but you have to give it props for trying. Hell, at first glance, you begin to wonder if the snake has bitten off far more than he can chew (swallow) by taking on this massive catfish. Catfish are pretty darn tough.

I think the snake realized that if he let the catfish go, in order to get a better angle, catching him a second time would prove difficult. A snake may be able to handle itself in the water pretty well, but fish are fish. They are born in that wet stuff.

As these two are locked in their life or death struggle, it’s hard not to notice all the algae. Some of it looks like it’s following these two around. Sometimes the algae looks like another big fish.

It’s kind of weird they way these critters stay near shore. At one point they are bumping up against a kayak. I guess there’s only so many things you can pay attention to when you’re struggling for your life or your next meal.

Mr. Camera Guy, did you lose interest or did your batteries run out on you? You’re kinda leaving us in the lurch here. What if we had bets riding on the outcome?

I kind of feel bad for both of these guys: the fish for being too fat for the jaws of a snake and the snake for not being able to properly eat its food.