Watch what happened when a car full of people ran over a dead deer lying in the middle of the road YouTube/BTMG

Warning: this video contains language you may find offensive.

This is what it looks and sounds like when you run over a dead deer at 40-plus miles per hour.

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A dashboard camera was rolling over the weekend when a car full of buddies headed to who-knows-where at night had a bit of a scare while out on the road.

Unsurprisingly, these dudes let the expletives fly in the heat of the moment.

All told, the worst of the damage was the scare. The car, identified as a Volvo, did get some air. Nonetheless, it was “mostly fine.”

Here’s what the uploader said of the incident:

Some friends and I were driving around and we hit a dead deer that was in the middle of the road, enjoy. FAQ:- Yes the car is mostly fine
– Yes I know the music is horrible
– Yes I know Kyle has no reaction time whatsoever
– No I am not Kyle, I’m sitting in the back
– The beeping noise is from the dash cam, not the car
– Yes the car is a Volvo, because Volvo’s are tanks
– Yes we did get air

Let’s recap the important things we learned here: the uploader is not Kyle.

We’ve seen our share of problematic deer videos in our time. As annoying as this incident must have been for all involved, nothing will ever compare to this:


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In the last week, we saw two hunting accidents involving deer unfold in New York. One of the two was fatal.

Rosemary Bullquist, 43, was shot and killed roughly 100 yards from her home by 34-year-old hunter Thomas Jadlowski. He thought she was a deer.


In the second incident, even more bizarrely, the hunter confused a pickup truck for a deer.

Marvin Miller, 26, thought the brown pickup truck was a deer and fired away with his rifle. He barely missing hitting the driver and passenger.

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