Watch what happened when a cement mixer in hurry tried to beat traffic and failed miserably

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A truck driver overseas definitely got an earful and probably got fired after he tried to beat traffic and ended up flipping his ride; thankfully for us, somebody caught the real-life nightmare on camera.

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The video begins on the outskirts of Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City; it’s a reasonably-sized road, the vehicles all seem to have plenty of room and on an adjacent road and  a few scooters are passing by. When the cement truck comes into the camera, he’s clearly going faster than the other cars on the motorway.

Even if you flunked physics, it’s pretty easy to figure out what happened next. (Rumble/Viral Hog)

What happens next is pretty wild, the traffic has bottle-necked where a minivan is trying to merge in and rather than slam on the breaks, the driver behind the wheel of the cement truck went for an evasive maneuver.

That minivan managed to escape the worst of it. (Rumble/Viral hog)

For a moment, it appears that the minivan might actually get the worst of the crash and the cement truck might land on its roof, but the smaller vehicle is able to speed out of harm’s way. The truck might have grazed the back end of the van but, for the most part, it was unscathed except for an ugly crumple on the hatch.

Yeah, that minivan has definitely seen better days (Rumble/Viral Hog)

It’s unclear what happened to the driver in the cement truck but the motorist in the minivan got out of his vehicle and went to check on him when the video ends.

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