Watch what happens when a guy rams a cop then charges at him


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A new video showing a Florida police officer Tasing a man who rams into his car has begun making rounds on the internet — in five hours, the clip has been viewed almost 20,000 times on LiveLeak. The video appears to be recorded on a “bodycam” and begins when the man rams his truck into the police cruiser.

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The cop opens his door, careful not to get to close and asks, “What’s going on, man?” He then radios into his superiors, saying, “[The suspect] is wearing only boxer shorts; he’s in the middle of the road.” After the officer tells him to “chill out” and asks him to get on the ground, the suspect begins to charge at the cop, and the officer Tases him.

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A moment later, another man (possibly a civilian) approaches and helps the cop put the handcuffs on the suspect. When the cop asks him what’s going on and where his clothes are, the suspect says, “I ran out of the house, I had a revelation, I thought nuclear bombs were coming — I was tricked.” When the cop asked why he hit him, the man responds, “I would never hit a cop.”

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