As much as white-tailed deer are graceful, beautiful animals, they can also be dumb as hell. And sometimes we pay for it.

Exhibit A: This Instagram video posted by user @mcscissorhands. It’s just a group of guys out for a motorcycle ride along Virginia’s George Washington Parkway, not far from Washington, D.C. That is, until a male whitetail decides it’s time to cross the busy parkway (right as the riders pass a sign warning of deer, no less).

If there’s anything to admire about whitetails, it’s their all-or-nothing approach to charging across roads screaming with traffic. Real can-do types.

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This one’s a great example. He cuts across two lanes and a median and charges into the group of riders. It’s almost a calamity — but the deer leaps through a gap in the riders!

He forces one rider into a slide, though the rider gets back on his bike and seems alright. Close call.

We have no idea how the deer and the motorcyclist in this video are alright Instagram/mcscissorhands
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